(Sponsored by Lampara Publishing House, Incorporated)  



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    1. This contest is sponsored by Lampara Publishing House, Incorporated (LPHI).


    2. The contest starts on April 5, 2018 and ends on June 1, 2018.


    3. Any person who can illustrate a children’s story can join the contest, except for employees of LPHI and its sister company Precious Pages Corporation (PPC), as well as their relatives up to the fourth degree of consanguinity or affinity.


    4. To join, the participant has to download the story from the LPHI official website www.lamparabooks.com.ph


    5. The participant can choose any three segments from the 14 segments of the story to illustrate and serve as his/her entries.


    6. A segment of the story can be illustrated as either a

                a. spread, or

                b. two (2) one-page illustrations facing each other.


    7. The actual page sizes are:

                1. single page—20.32 cm x 22.86 cm (8 inches x 9 inches)

                2. spread—40.64 cm x 22.86 cm (16 inches x 9 inches)


    8. The illustrations can be done either freehand or through digital rendering. Bleed-page illustrations are preferred.


    9. For illustrations done free-hand:

                a. Mixed media can be used.

                b. It should be laid out on paper or board suitable for scanning.

                c. It must be scanner-ready.


    10. Illustrations that use collage—or any other similar style—as a medium are also accepted, provided the participant submit them printed out on suitable paper from a digital file in the required actual size.


    11. For the illustrations done through digital rendering, they must be printed out on suitable paper.


    12. The participant must indicate the text block/s on the illustrations. He/she is free to layout the text on the pages provided he/she retains the fonts and the font sizes as downloaded from the Web site:

                Tagalog text: Avant Garde Bk BT, 14 pt, boldface

                English translation: Arial, 12 pt, boldface


    13. The participant must indicate on the bottom margin of each illustration the segment number of the story.


    14. The deadline for submission of entries is on June 1, 2018 at the close of office hours (5:00 PM).


    15. The illustrations must be wrapped in protective covering for submission.


    16. The participant must submit his/her entry under a pseudonym, which he/she must write also on the bottom margin of each illustration. 


    17. Each entry must be accompanied by:

    a. a duly accomplished entry form with pen name, real name, current residential address, contact address, birthdate, gender, civil status, company affiliated with, schools attended and published works, also downloaded from the LPHI Web site, www.lamparabooks.com.ph and

                b. an affidavit attesting to the originality of the artworks as the participant’s own work.


    18. The entry, entry form and the affidavit of originality must be contained in a sealed white business envelope, on the lower right corner of which is written the participant’s pseudonym.


    19. The envelope containing the entry, the entry form and the affidavit of originality must be addressed to:





    #16 STO. DOMINGO AVENUE         

    1115 QUEZON CITY


    20. The envelope containing the entry, the entry form and affidavit of originality must be delivered personally to the above address.


    21. Judging shall be held at the Lampara Publishing House, Inc.’s conference room on June 8, 2018, 3:00 PM with the attendance of a DTI representative.


    22. Entries shall be judged according to the following criteria:

                a. Interpretation—25%

                b. Creativity—25%

                c. Composition—25%

                d. Overall visual impact—25%


    23. The decision of the judges shall be final with the concurrence of the DTI.


    24. There will be only one winner who shall be given a cash prize of Php 25,000.00 and a certificate of merit.


    25. The prize shall be subjected to the 20% tax for prizes exceeding Php10,000.00 and shall be shouldered by the winner.


    26. The name of the winner shall be announced on June 22, 2018 on the LPHI official Web site and on Facebook.


    27. Notification through registered mail shall also be sent to the winner.



    28. The awarding ceremony will be held at the SMX Mall of Asia International Convention Center in September 2018 during the annual 39th Manila International Book Fair.


    29. If unable to attend the awarding event, the winner may claim his/her prize within sixty (60) days from receipt of notice of the awarding event at the LPHI main office at the address mentioned above. Upon claiming the prize the winner must present 2 (two) valid government IDs.


    30. Any unclaimed prize after the redemption period will be forfeited in behalf of Precious Pages Corporation with the prior approval of DTI.



                                                                            Per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 5511 Series of 2018