The Frog Prince

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By Brothers Grimm

The Frog Prince

"The Frog Prince" Is the first story in the Grimm Fairy Tales of brothers Grimm. The story of the prince, who turned into an ugly frog under a magic spell and the youngest princess, who loves playing with her favorite ball, reminds us of the value of keeping a promise.

Let us think how the prince is freed from the spell. The Princess does not even try to keep his promise to the frog that she would love him, bne his friend and play with him if he gets back her golden ball from the pond. She does not think her promise to the frog is important and is reluctant to become friendly with mecreepy-looking creature. However, the king scolds the Princess and prompts her to keep her promise. The story ends with the Prince recovering his princely look as he is released from the magic spell, while the Princess regrets the wrongs she had done to the Prince

In Filipino, with English Translation 
Size: 8 inches x 10.5 inches

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