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By: Anna Sewell


As a young colt, Black Beauty lives with his mother in a vast meadow with a clear pond, shady trees, bushes, and water lilies. he plays with six other colts and his mother tells him often, " The family of famous horses. When you grow up, I want you to be a good, gentle, hardworking horse."

Black Beauty thinks he and his mother are their master's favorite. Their master is kind and gentle. his mother says, " If you behave well, then your master will most likely to treat you kindly. But not all men are like our master. No one knows whether a horse will end with a good master, or a bad one. In any case, you must always do your best, and protect your good name."

The time comes when he leaves his mother. He is brought to a new home, where he meets his new master and his family, who treat their horses well. He becomes friends with Merrylegs and Ginger. Each horse has a story to tell and Black Beauty learns why a horse behaves in a certain way.

Through various owners, Black Beauty experiences different adventures. He goes from being a riding and carriage horse to a mistreated "job-horse," lent out to people who want to hire him. But Black Beauty keeps his strength and good temper throughout his suffuring, always trying to follow his mother's advice, never losing hope to find happiness and secure home.


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