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By Bram Stoker


Jonathan Harker, a young lawyer from London, travels to Transylvania to explain the purchase of a London estate to Count Dracula, Although people he meets during his trip seem to be apprehensive and fearful for his sake, he will not allow anything to interfere with with his business. Until he meets the count...

Count Dracula's hands are as cold as ice, like the hands of a dead man; there are hairs in the center of his palms; his breath gives Jonathan a horrible feeling of nausea; and he has no reflection on the mirror. Soon, Jonathan finds out he is prisoner inside the count's castle.

Meanwhile, Jonathan's fiancee Mina visit her best friend, Lucy. Mina notices Lucy's strange behavior - she sleepwalks often and seems to be growing pale and weaker. Arthur, Lucy's fiance, seeks the help of his friend Dr. Seward, who later refers Professor Van Helsing to assist them.

Professor Van Helsing, a metaphysician, who knows a lot about obscure diseases, makes a very careful examination of Lucy. He spends several days trying to revive her by performing several blood transfusions. However, all efforts done by him and the people who love her come to nothing. Lucy dies. After her death, she becomes an undead and victimizes children who reported missing.

Not Long after, Mina becomes the next victim of Dracula, Jonathan, together with Professor Van Helsing and his friends, plots to put an end to Dracula before Mina becomes one of his slaves...


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