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by Louisa May Alcott


Meet the four March sisters who live in an old-fashioned New England home: Meg, the eldest and prettiest, is sixteen; Jo, the boyish one, is a bookworm and has a talent in writing; Beth, a shy thirteen-year-old, is the only one who can play the piano well; and Amy, the youngest, is the spoiled one and wants to act mature for her age. They all overcome poverty when their father is away at war through their mother’s guidance, support from each other and friends, dreams, and plays. 

Each of the sisters has a dream, for which she hopes?only to find out later it will end up differently for her. Meg, who misses their former wealth the most, ends up marrying Mr. Brooke who can only offer her a modest home. Beth, who never dreams of marrying because she wants to take care of her parents, falls in love. Beth, who only wants to stay home and play the piano, meets a tragic end. Amy, who intends to marry for money, marries a rich man not for his money but out of love. 

In between their struggles, the sisters learn about accepting changes in their lives and the importance of having a close and loving family for them to be able to go through life’s difficulties.

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