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Master Antonio finds an ordinary piece of wood lying in his shop. He gives it to his friend Geppeto, a lively little old man, who wants to create a puppet who knows how to dance, to fence, and to leap like an acrobat. With this puppet he would travel around the world to earn a lot of money.

Geppeto names the puppet he created "Pinocchio" because he believes it is a name that will bring him luck. But as soon as Pinocchio learns how to walk, he walks out the door, jumps into the street and escapes.

Pinocchio has no wish to learn and it is amusing for him to run after butterflies or to climb trees. But when he almost dies of hunger, he realizes that he should have not run away from is father Geppetto.

When Pinocchio and Geppetto meet again, Pinocchio promises to go to school and so Geppetto makes some clothes for him and buys him a spelling notebook. Pinocchio sets out for school but a great puppet theater attracts his attention. And this is where his adventures begin.


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