The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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by Mark Twain

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer is an imaginative and mischievous schoolboy whose youthful adventures bring him to cause trouble. Tom lives with his Aunt Polly, half brother Sid, and cousin Mary in an old-fashioned town, St. Petersburg. 

Unlike Sid, Tom often receives tongue-lashings and punishments from his Aunt Polly when he would rather absent himself from school and sneaks out of the house late at night to join his friend, Huckleberry Finn—the town’s social outcast—in his escapades. 

In school, Tom never gets unnoticed. With his eccentric behavior, he is most interested to catch the attention of one girl—Becky Thatcher—whom he claims he is in love with. Not long after, he ruins his relationship with her and ends up heartbroken. 

This is followed by a series of amusing events based on Tom’s exploits with his friends. These events are later linked together by a scary experience that develops into a life-threatening involvement with a murderer, Injun Joe…

Vividly illustrated and set in easy-to-read large font, this collector’s edition can be enjoyed by young readers today and for generations to come.


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