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After making himself invisible with an experiment, Griffin attempts to keep it a secrets. He wraps himself with bandages from head to foot, wears a large hat, gloves, and a blue eyeglasses to hide every inch of his face, and goes to a town to stay in an inn. He demands to be left alone.

But one morning, when the innkeepers pass by his room and out of curiosity enter it, they notice this clothes scattered all over the floor. He is nowhere to be seen. The bedclothes and a chair leap into mid-air and push them out of the room. When confronted by the inn's owner, Griffin removes his bandages and eyeglasses to reveal nothing beneath. When the police try to catch him, he throws off all his clothes and escapes.

Invisibility begins to drive Griffin mad. As more people become aware of his existence, his actions begin to be more violent. Until he is forced to run and find a new hiding place. He stumbles into the home of Dr. Kemp, a former college professor whom he recognizes from the university where he studied. He reveals to Kemp the details of his experiment and assumes the doctor will be interested and will be willing to help him. However, upon reading accounts of his insane actions in the town, Kemp betrays his trust and turns him over the police.

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