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The parents of Mary Lennox are not really prepared to have a child, and so they decide to hire a nanny or ayah to take care of her. But one day, Mary Lennox finds out that some of their servants and her parents have died of cholera. And so she moves to another country.

When Mary arrives in London, she meets a certain Mrs. Medlock at the station. Mrs. Medlock tells her about her new home and her uncle Mr. Archibald Craven.

At first Mary feels angry and lonely because she is away from everything that understands her until she discover about the secret garden - one of the many gardens found in the manor that has been locked up for ten years. Its key is buried somewhere and when she finds it she decides to tend the garden and make it her own.

Mary does not tell anyone about the key and the secret garden except for Dickon, a twelve-year-old-boy who knows the secret of the animals. He shows her how to use the garden tools and together they try to make the secret garden alive again.

Mary also finds out about her cousin Colin whom everyone believes to be dying. She bring him to the secret garden and Colin says there is magic in it. He feels that the secret garden garden is making him strong and he intends to surprise his father and everyone else, so they hide the biggest secret of all.

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