The Tale of Heidi

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By: Johanna Spyri

The Tale of Heidi

Heidi is an orphaned girl and is raised by her Aunt Dete in Mayenfield, Switzerland. When Dete gets a job in Frankfurt, she brings five-year-old Heidi in the Alm mountain to live with her grandfather who is known as "Alm-Uncle." At first, he dislike the idea of having to care for Heidi, but the girl succeeds in getting though his harsh exterior. Later, she experiences a delightful stay with him. She gets to befriend a goatherd names Peter and also becomes close to his blind grandmother.

After three years, Dete returns to bring Heidi to Frankfurt to be the companion of Clara Sesemann, a twelve-year-old disabled girl. There Heidi repeatedly clashes with the housekeeper Miss Rottenmeier. But though the kindness and generosity of Clara's grandmother, she learns to read and pray. However, as month pass Heidi becomes more and more homesick. With her failing health and instances of sleepwalking, she is sent back to her grandfather by Clara's doctor.

One summer, Clara visits Heidi. The two girls go to the mountains everyday, They never tire of looking at the beautiful flowers. Because of this, Peter becomes jealous of Clara and pushes her wheelchair down the steep slope. But instead of harm, a miracle happens....

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