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Story By: Lewis Caroll Illustrated By: Gary Autencio


Nothing will stop Alice from going through another magical experience after her extraordinary escapades in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. This time she gets through into the Looking-glass House. Everything else is as different as can be, and Alice wants to see more.

Alice begins walking along a path, but no matter what she does, she always comes back to the house. But she is determined to reach the hill. She comes upon talking flowers and the Red Queen, and up the hill she finds many tiny little brooks. The ground in between is divided into squares, marked out just like a large chessboard! Excited, she wishes to be among the men in the game, not minding being a pawn.

Playing as a Pawn, she sets out her adventure to become the Queen of the chessboard, meeting along the way among others the talking insects; the brothers tweedledum and tweedledee; the snoring Red King; the absent-minded and untidy White Queen; the proud Humpty Dumpty; the White King; the Lion and the Unicorn, who are both fighting for the White King's crown; and the White Knight, the inventor.

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