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The story begins when Jim Hawkins’ father still manages the Admiral Benbow Inn, and a captain becomes their guest. The guest drinks alone most of the time and sings his old sea songs. But there are times when he wants some company and so he captivates an audience to listen to him. He also stays at the inn even after his money is long gone, and soon they find out that his real name is Bill and some men are after him.

Jim and his mother both know they are in trouble as soon as Bill dies, so they head for the nearby small village to ask for help. They get a few of Bill’s belongings as payment for his stay in the inn. Soon, the men who are after Bill arrive at the inn to look for a treasure map which Jim has taken, only to find out that Bill is dead. Meanwhile, Jim and his mother manage to escape.

Jim, along with Dr. Livesey and the squire, sets out on a journey to find the buried treasure of the worst buccaneer who ever lived– Captain Flint. They hire a ship called the Hispaniola, and a crew whom they believe are clueless about the voyage. But Jim finds out that the crew are the same men who are after Bill’s map and they plan to kill all of them as soon as they find the treasure.

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