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White fang looks nothing like his brothers and sisters. He is grey in color, unlike his siblings who are all red. He is the fiercest among them, the one who growls the loudest. In his own way, he learns that there are things that are alive and stay in one place. There are also things that are alive that always move about. There is no telling what they would do and so he needs to watch out for this. He also learns the law of meat. One must eat or be eaten.

While living with the Indians, White Fang learns nothing about love, kindness of affection. All he knows is power. He must obey his master, named Grey Beaver, or else he will be punished. He soon learns to oppress the weak; he becomes smarter, slyer, more enduring, deadlier, and wider than the rest. But he also learns that he must protect the property of his gods, even if it means biting other gods.

When he is sold to Beauty Smith he becomes known as "The Fighting Wolf." No other animal could win against him-until he fights a bulldog named Cherokee. He almost dies in their fight but two men come to his rescue - Weedon Scott and Matt.

It is while living with the two men that he learns something new, somehing he never learned while in the forest or while living with the Indians: he grows to be calm, poised wolf who knows the law and he learns how it is to love and be loved by his master.

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