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Mark Shelley


Victor Frankenstein is a young man obsessed with science. When he accidentally discovers the secret to creating life, he immediately sets out to build an actual man made out of corpses. The project takes years to complete. At first, Victor eagerly awaits the day when his experiment is completed. But when the “man” finally comes to life and opens its eyes for the very first time, Victor is horrified and runs away from his very own creation.

Victor tries to lead a normal life without ever mentioning his hideous creation to his family or friends. However, one day, William, Victor’s younger brother, is found murdered. Victor soon realizes that the murderer is the “man”—the monster—he created.

The monster-man tries to bargain with Victor—he wants Victor to create a woman to be his wife because he is lonely. All men fear and hate him because of his ugly appearance. At first, Victor says yes; but he then changes his mind and destroys the monster-man’s wife.

Now, Victor must protect his beloved family, his soon-to-be-wife, Elizabeth, and his best friend, Henry, from the monster-man he has created; for it now vows to destroy everyone Victor loves. 


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