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J.M. Barrie


Wendy Darling’s life is forever changed when she meets Peter Pan, a mischievous, flying boy who refuses to grow up. Peter takes Wendy and her brothers, John and Michael, on a journey to Neverland, a magical world where fathers and mothers don’t exist, and is inhabited by interesting creatures such as mermaids, Indians, and fairies.

Wendy and her brothers love staying in Neverland together with Peter and his gang, the Lost Boys. But soon, Wendy begins to wonder—will she and her brothers ever return to their home? Peter desires nothing more than to keep Wendy by his side forever. Meanwhile, danger secretly lurks in Neverland. There are the pirates, led by the evil Captain Hook, who wants nothing more than to destroy his arch enemy, Peter Pan.

J.M. Barrie’s classic adventure tale has delighted children and grown-ups alike for many years, and remains one of the world’s most famous and beloved stories.


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